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Project Description

Audio-Gallery-Suite is a complete audio gallery solution that includes a web audio gallery and a software for managing playlists, uploading audios and managing the web audio gallery. The Audio-Gallery-Suite is built up using the latest technology and harnesses their power to put up a sophisticated solution. The Audio-Gallery-Suite is made in a way to be easily setup and deployed by anyone who wishes to use it without writing a single line of code. I hope that this project proves useful for anyone who intends to use it.


View the web audio gallery at the link given below. I would recommend Chrome/Firefox web browser to view the web audio gallery. 

Download the software at the link given below for uploading audios and managing the web audio gallery used in this demonstration. Use the username [superuser] and password [superuser] without the square brackets to log into the software.


A detailed step by step tutorial for the setup of Audio-Gallery-Suite is discussed at the Documentation page or you can also find it here at CodeProject.




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